Love is Sweet.

​​Cinfully Sweet, Inc is an online bakery and catering service that specializes in personalized sweet treats for all events.  Each dessert is made to order which means handmade and hand crafted.  Our goal is to make desserts that are visually beautiful and have a superior taste to match.  We focus on the details.  We hand craft many of our cupcake toppers and wrappers, as well as many of the candy accessories on our cupcakes and cake pops.  Although no order is too big or too small, we do focus on dessert bars.  We want each bride, mom or friend to have a special idea in mind, something their guests have never seen before.  Our dessert bars will have a variety of treats displayed in an organized and eye catching fashion.  The theme of the event will be eminent and the dessert table will be a focal point.  Offering three to four small bites to your guests gives them options and guarantees satisfaction.  Cinfully Sweet, Inc. is a part of the planning process from the beginning.  Our goal is to help design your dessert table from the cake plates to the table clothes and note cards.  We offer a full service from design to set up and tear town.  We have an inventory of accessories the we love to rent to our customers.  We grow by trying new ideas, so if there is something you’ve seen online, or imagined yourself, please send it to us!  


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